1 In 2013, Oil drilling company was looking for hollow bars of AISI 4130 with fastest possible delivery as their project was stuck. The requirement was too small but they were ready to pay good prices to get material manufactured faster. We offered them with delivery of 21-30 days which they denied as it was very long for them.

They asked to reduce the delivery to 15Days but considering the ongoing production in the mill we told client that it can best be tried to delivery within 21 Days but cannot commit before that by any means. Considering the sincerity they awarded the order to our company MD Exports LLP. Order was successfully ready for dispatch by 21 days & was exported to client by air on their request. On receipt they appreciated for the quality & fastest delivery.


We have a client in UK who was buying tool steel round bars from one of the Indian manufacturer regularly in 2014. He was facing lot of late delivery issues in which he was getting material almost after 5 months of order placement. So when we introduced to them, they had feared for delivery as well as quality to start business with us. But we asked them to give one opportunity & if they are not satisfied we will repay them the payment back.

After almost 3 months of conversation, they finally agreed to give the trial order for 1 container load with multiple sizes of hot working tool steel round bars. After receipt of order when we sent them the mail at 6th week that material is being dispatched they were shock to hear. After receipt of material and supplying to his end users they not only received very positive response for the quality but also was asked to supply the same quality for future orders. Our client appreciated the before time delivery along with quality & thereafter started placing continuous order of monthly basis for container loads. Client also mentioned in conversation that he got better quality than was expecting.


In 2014, MD Exports LLP received the requirement for Hot Working Tool Steel Bars of grade H13. Some of sizes were very large & was never manufactured before of whom we were authorized dealer.

But was considered as challenge and quoted to the client for all their requirements. After almost 4 months of conversation, the order was released in name of MD Exports LLP. This was one of biggest order of Hot Working Tool Steel Flat Bars of larger dimensions which was slightly delayed for delivering to client, but was appreciated by client as they were fully satisfied with the quality. They repeated the similar order in 2015 & 2016.

4 In 2015, same above client had requirement for square bars of 300 x 300mm in tool steel grade of DIN 1.2767. Client had initially sent their requirements to 2 of Indian manufacturers directly but going through the technical sheets both the manufacturers denied to quote for the requirements. Later they send their same requirement to us asking whether we would be able to supply it. After going through technical specification we informed them that we will slightly modified the technical specifications & can commit you the following properties if you can accept. Within an hour they replied to quote & asked for best possible fastest delivery. The very next hour of quotation they released the purchase order to us.

MD Exports LLP being the trader had received these one of the order for Flat Bars of tool steel against direct denial of Manufacturers. The order was well executed & client informed that it may repeat in future.

5 In 2016, one of the client from Egypt had initially denied for sending us their actual requirements for steel hollow ring bars of outer diameter about 1000mm which they had posted on online portal. After denial when we had sent them the pictures of available stock of rings of outer diameter more tham about 2000mm, he instantly send us drawings of their requirements without any comments.

Client informed their requirement is critical & very important was the tolerance in dimensions which was lesser than 1 millimeter. We told them we can get this manufactured as per your requirements & provide the final CNC machining finish. They place the sample order for the pair which was slight lately delivered & was as per his requirements.

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