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Plastic-Mould-SteelHigh Alloy Steels will gain improved properties by increasing the solidification rate. This gives a fine microstructure and small, well-distributed carbides in the matrix.During Powder Metallurgy (PM), the melt stream is atomised by nitrogen gas into small droplets with an average size of 50-100 µm. The powder is filled into capsules directly in order to avoid contamination. With hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the powder is consolidated to 100% density.

By using a special refining sequence, the cleanliness of the molten steel is improved prior to atomisation. This results in improved mechanical properties and an extremely low non-metallic inclusion level (SuperClean™).The HIP’ed PM capsules are hot forged and rolled to smaller bar sizes followed by heat treatment and machining.PM steels are used in very demanding applications within cold work, plastic and cutting tools

Plastic mould steels generally fall into two specific groups, namely those for: ‘bolsters and larger tools’ and those for ‘inserts and smaller tools’. These groups may be further subdivided into stainless and non-stainless groups.

Requirements for bolsters and large tools include:
  • Pretoughened or prehardened so as not to require subsequent heat treatment
  • Good machinability
  • Good impact strength
  • Good polishability
Requirements for inserts and smaller tools include:
  • Good hardenability
  • Enhanced wear properties
  • Dimensional stability during heat treatment
  • Good impact strength
  • Good polishability

Steels with high wear resistance, mirror polishability and high erosion and corrosion resistance are required for the production of plastic items. Depending on the user application, case hardening, precipitation hardening, corrosion resistant, nitriding and maraging steels or a high performance material produced using powder metallurgy (PM) technology can be supplied.

Bohler —- ISOPLAST

ESR quality.


Powder metallurgy steel.

Bohler —- VMR

Vacuum melted, remelted quality.

Plastic Mould Steel Specification






BLUE YELLOW P20+S 1.2312 Chrome, Manganese, Molybdenum Steel with Sulphur, prehardened and tempered to 950 – 1100 Mpa.  For large and medium sized moulds, mould frames in plastics and Die Casting Industries. Flat Bar30 -130mm tBlock
BOHLER M238 PURPLE P20+Ni 1.2738 Pre-hardened and tempered to 1000 Mpa. Large Moulds (over 400mm thickness) for plastic processing mould carrier frames for plastic moulds, components for general mechanical engineering and tool manufacture. Roundsø     12mm -ø   600mm
UDDEHOLMIMPAX SUPREMEASSAB 718 GREEN YELLOW P20+Ni 1.2738 Premium quality vacuum degassed CrNiMo alloyed steel supplied hardened & tempered. Good polishability and photo etching properties.  Injection moulds, blow moulds, forming tools, press brake dies. Roundsø 12 -ø    600mm



Solution annealed and precipitation hardened (approx 40 HRC) supply condition. Very good machining and Nitriding properties Roundsø  26 -ø  192mm
BOHLER M315UDDEHOLMRAMAX  2 Pre-hardened corrosion resistant holder steel with very good machinability and high strength.Hardness range in the supplied condition 330-360HB. Available onINDENT
BOHLER M310 YELLOW 420modified 1.2083 Good corrosion and wear resistance with good polishability. Moulds for PVC and plastics containing abrasive fillers.  Well suited for optical lens moulds.Mechanical and food processing components. Roundsø  12 mm -ø  403 mmFlats20 – 203mm tBlock
UDDEHOLMSTAVAXSUPREMENEW ORANGE BLACK 420modifiedESR 1.2083 mod. Premium grade ESR stainless steel for moulding of corrosive materials e.g. PVC, Acetates, moulds for high production runs, high surface finish for optical parts, syringes etc. Roundsø  12mm -ø    420mmFlats20 – 203mm tBlock



Corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel made by the powder metallurgy process.Ideal for severely stressed wear parts such as screws and backflow check valves Available onINDENT
BOHLER M303 YELLOW PURPLE 1.2316 Stainless Martensitic Chromium Steel, high corrosion and wear resistance, good machinability and polishability.  Moulds for chemically aggressive plastics (PVC).  Supply condition 800 – 1000 Mpa. RoundsDiam 25mm –  Diam 250mm
BOHLER M333NEW Best polishability,outstandingtoughness,very good corrosion resistance and improved thermal conductivity Available onINDENT
BOHLER M461NEWDownload PDF Supplied in the precipitation hardened (about 40 HRC hardness) condition. Good machinability, good photo-etchingproperties.  For moulds and mould inserts. Available onINDENT
BOHLER M340 YELLOW PURPLE WHITE 440B mod. High performance plastic mould steel with good corrosion against chlorides.  Good machinability and polishability.  Good dimensional stability. RoundsDiam 35mm -Diam 102mm


Technical Information

Cold Work Tool Steels


Hot Work Tool Steels

VMR, ISOBLOC (ESR), ISODISC (special heat treatment)

Plastic Mould Steels


High Speed Steels

ISORAPID (ESR), MICROCLEAN (powder metallurgy)

Special Materials

ISOEXTRA (ESR), VMR (Special materials subjected to vacuum melting or remelting during at least one stage of manufacture)
EXTRA (Products with special property and or characteristics, which do not belong to any of the above categories)


How to choose plastic mold steel

Choosing plastic mold steel is a very important process in mold manufacturing, because the classification of plastic mold are generally on the length of plastic mold by 5 grades, grade1 is over a million times; grade 2 is 500,000-100 million; grade3 is from 300,000 to 500,000; grade4 is from 100,000 to 300,000, grade 5 is 10 million below

for Grade1 and 2, mold stell require hardness after heat-treatment reaching around HRC50 , because plastic which is easy to wear, could violate the tolerance, so we should select steel heat afetr treatment showing better performance, but also at high hardness of the state has good cutting performance, normally, it can be introduced to choose imported raw materials in the Pearl River Delta.

Usually chosen in Sweden 8407, S136, U.S. 420, H13, Europe, 2316,2344,083, or Japan SKD61, DC53 (the original mold for the metal material, the use of special circumstances.) grade 1 steel. In addition, raw plastic materials and the added filler have a great impact on the mold steel choice, especially glass fiber could have a very strong worn impact on the mold cavity surface.

Some plastic materials have acid corrosion, and some added modified enhancer or other agent, such as glass fiber lead to mold damage, so plastic material selection should be considered. There is strong general election corrosive plastic S136, 2316,420 grade1 steel, then weak corrosive plastic should elect S136, 2316,420, there SKD61, NAK80, PAK90, 718M. Strong acid plastic material: PVC, POM, PBT plastic material weak acid has: PC, PP, PMMA, PA,

Product appearance of the requirements of the selection of plastic mold material there is also a great impact, transparent pieces and surface requirements of parabolic mirror products, may choose to use the material S136, 2316,718 S, NAK80, PAK90, 420, high transparency of the mold should choose S136 and 420.

More than meeting the product requirements are from the run, but, are you involved in the demand for the cost of molds? you should also consider price, Take the S136 to compare with 2316, a difference of 55-60 yuan per kilogram, if you choose incorrectly, you may lose much money

Pre-hardened mold steel , there is grade: S136H, 2316H, 718H, 083H, hardness HB270 —- 340, 45 die by P20, 718,738,618,2311,2711, particularly low for the requirements molds, may have used S50C, 45 # steel, that is, directly in the mold cavity up to do.

 Grade Comparision
Steel Classification
Plastic Mould Steel
SUS 420 J2
CK 55
2311 iso BM
21 MnCr 5

 Useful Information


Chemical composition %   of grade   C55E (1.1203):   EN 10083-2-2006

Cr + Mo + Ni = max 0.63
C Si Mn Ni P S Cr Mo
0.52 – 0.6 max   0.4 0.6 – 0.9 max   0.4 max   0.03 max   0.035 max   0.4 max   0.1

Mechanical properties of grade   C55E (1.1203)

Nominal thickness (mm): to 16 16 – 100 100 – 250 250 – 500 500 – 1000
Rm – Tensile strength (MPa) (+N) 680 640 620 600 590
Nominal thickness (mm): 0.3 – 3
Rm – Tensile strength (MPa) (+A) 600
Nominal thickness (mm): 0.3 – 3
Rm – Tensile strength (MPa) (+QT) 1100-1700


Nominal thickness(mm): to 16 16 – 100 100 – 250 250 – 500 500 – 1000
Re – Upper yield strength orRp0.2 – 0.2% proof strength (MPa) (+N) 370 330 300 260 250
Nominal thickness(mm): 0.3 – 3
Rp0.2 0.2% proof strength (MPa) (+A) 480


Nominal thickness (mm): 0.3 – 3
A – Min. elongation Lo = 80 mm (%) (+A) 17


Nominal thickness (mm): to 16 16 – 100 100 – 250
A – Min. elongation Lo = 5,65 √ So (%) (+N) 11 12 12


  Brinell hardness   (HBW):   (+S) 255
  Brinell hardness   (HBW):   (+A) 229
  Vickers hardness  ( HV):   (+A) 185
  Vickers hardness  ( HV):   (+CR) 300
  Vickers hardness  ( HV):   (+QT) 340 – 520



Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis of grade 1.2311

C(%) Si(%) Mn(%) P(%) S(%) Cr(%) Mo(%)
0.35-0.45 0.20-0.40 1.30-1.60 Max 0.035 Max 0.035 1.80-2.10 0.15-0.25

Mechanical properties of grade 1.2311

Annealing hardnessHBS Cold pull hardnessHBS Preheating temperature Quenching temperature Holding timemin Hardening medium Temper temperature After tempering hardness≥HRC
salt-bath furnace controlled atmosphere furnace
235 262 788 1191 1204 5~15 air cooling 522 60



Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis of grade 1.2738

C(%) Si(%) Mn(%) P(%) S(%) Cr(%) Ni(%) Mo(%)
0.35-0.45 0.20-0.40 1.30-1.60 Max 0.035 Max 0.035 1.80-2.10 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.25

Mechanical properties of grade 1.2738

Annealing hardnessHBS Cold pull hardnessHBS Preheating temperature Quenching temperature Holding timemin Hardening medium Temper temperature After tempering hardness≥HRC
salt-bath furnace controlled atmosphere furnace
235 262 788 1191 1204 5~15 air cooling 522 60


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